The Big One………………………….Chapter 35

Dave Rippley being the active young man that he was had never been a person to sit around idle. His girlfriend Loraine Michaud was not surprised when he invited her to go hiking in the woods. They left the valley farm not long after breakfast with no indication of when they would be back. The eager athletic Dave took the lead sprinting off up the slope with Loraine shouting for him to slow down and wait. They stopped in a clearing about halfway up the slope to roll around in the tall grass and make out. The sun was bright and warm on this late summer morning and the birds sang and flew about with flowers blowing in the occasional breeze from off the mountains. The whole situation seemed like a scene from a romance novel and yet the two were totally unaware that their every move was being watched very closely.

Being finished now with their meadow frolic, the two headed further upwards towards the rim of the valley with plans of climbing the neighbouring mountain. Upon reaching the rim they began once again to wrestle and play about. Dave knocked  Loraine down and darted off into a stand of trees to hide from her. He was so intent to find that perfect place that he never felt the stun dart when it struck him. He simply slumped to the ground unconscious and was carried quickly by two agents to the waiting helicopter.

Loraine broke through the trees in time to see the helicopter flying away and all she could do was stand there in shock.


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