The Big One……………………….Chapter 32

Kevin Cross opened his eyes once again to the wonderful angelic face of Miss Amber Gershwin. There was a wonderful and unmistakable feeling of deep salvation that he felt by simply looking into her eyes. All of the hardship this young man had been through seemed to melt away and little did he know but she felt the same way.  Kevin had dated a number of girls in his time as a surfer but had never felt anything near what set his very soul on fire with this blue eyed blonde ,seemly heavenly being. He ate the lunch she had brought him as she dabbed his forehead once more with the cold cloth. It was supper time now and it sounded like everybody was in the kitchen downstairs eating and chatting rather loudly.  Amber had helped him back to bed and did not seem to want to leave his side.

” How do you feel there Mister”, asked Amber with a smile?

” I’m okay”, said Kevin with an even bigger smile.

” I really want to thank you for looking after me all this time”, he said blushing a bit.

“Oh that’s just no problem”, said the young lady as she too blushed while she purposely made a chore out of dipping the cloth in the bucket to avoid his gaze.

For the first time in his life Kevin was fully aware of his feelings and  his senses became heightened. He could here all manner of crazy talk in the kitchen below about butterflies and drones. There was mention of some sort of crazed toad that had gotten the attention of Dave and his girlfriend coupled with the mention of a distant sound of an explosion.

These things were not important to him at this moment as he toke Amber by the hand sitting up on the bed he pulled her close and kissed her on the mouth. She did not pull away, in fact she embraced him and they sat there for the longest time riveted in time and space, locked in a kiss. When finally they stopped Kevin held her close.

“I love you”, he whispered stroking her soft hair and every beat of her heart echoed in tandem with his.

“Me too”, was her soft reply and she left the room to get supper.

It was dusk now and Kevin was vibrating with love and passion as he went to the window to gaze at the meadow that was slowly disappearing in the gloom of encroaching darkness. His mind was so occupied that it toke him a couple of minutes to realize that the whole meadow was filled with butterflies of the same kind he had seen earlier and they were glowing in the gloom floating around on the dusk breeze.


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