The Big One…………………..Chapter 31

Abe Yoder and young three year old Emily adapted to life on the valley farm right away. They played in the meadow by day and slept in the same bedroom by night. There was a small room on the ground floor of the main house that was set aside for them but Abe being the good Amish boy that he was soon built Emily and himself a small home down the meadow a ways near the tree line. Everyone benefited from his natural knowledge of farming and the chores were not as hard because Abe explained many things from tending to horses to cattle and goat management. Planting and tending to crops was another thing that the young Amish lad helped them with from soil preparation to managing plants when they were growing.  One fine afternoon Abe was chasing Emily through the meadow as they played a game of tag. They had just finished with one of Emily’s favorite stories about a big bear in the woods. She loved to talk about bears since their rather close encounter with one during their recent journey. They were running towards the back of the house when something  caught the young girls attention. Flying around not far above their heads was the most beautiful butterfly they had ever seen. Growing up on the farm Abe had seen many wonderful butterflies but this one looked just like a stained glass window on a church he used to see when they visited the city.  At that very moment they both froze as a sound came from the sky and a plane appeared and circled the meadow. Something inside Abe suddenly did not feel right and so he scooped the little girl into his arms and headed back towards their little house. It was getting on towards supper now and he had a nice pot of beef stew on the stove and his stomach was grumbling. The three women had taken a shine to the little girl and so they had recently baked a huge batch of cookies for her and this brought back memories of the farm and life as quiet people of the land. Emily curled up on her bed for a nap as Abe moved out onto the porch to meditate and pray. No sooner had he settled into one of the chairs he had built when a distant explosion in the other valley brought him to his feet. From his vantage point he could see two in the meadow come to their feet and two more came from the barn. Little Emily however just kept right on sleeping.


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