The Big One……………………………………Chapter 30

After seeing the drone Dave Rippley and  Loraine Michaud had headed back to the valley farm to tell the others about what they had seen. Since burying Loraine’s friend Tabetha Long a number of days ago, there had been no official memorial service, just a stone erected over her grave at the far end of the valley meadow. The two plus hours of travel back to the farm was therefore a constant movement back and forth between the drone citing and a proper funeral service for her dear friend. Upon arriving at the farm they had encountered Amber Gershwin in the kitchen and had been in the process of telling her about it when the drone flew over. Not long after that Kevin who had gotten out of bed a bit too soon after his ordeal had fallen to the floor upstairs sending Amber up to see to him. After getting things together for supper the two went outside to sit in the meadow and enjoy the nice weather when Bill Langely came over to them with a rather concerned look on his face.

“What’s up Bill”, asked Loraine. “You look like you just lost your best friend”?

“Have either of you folks talked to Fred Casper lately”, asked Bill in a slow thoughtful tone?

” No we have not seen much of him since he got here really, why do you ask”, said Dave?

” Just went down to chat with him and see what he was up to and he acted all distant and almost offended that I disturbed him or something”, said Bill looking up into the evening sky as he pulled off his ball cap.

” Don’t worry about that”, said Loraine. “He has always been a rather eccentric science geek sort of a dude.  We must also remember this tragedy thing effects us all in different ways. I will get the girls together later and we’ll take a run down there to see if we can cheer him up”.

” That’s cool with me”, said Bill seeming to forget the whole thing as he glanced towards the barn and headed off in that direction to see what Donna Case was up to as she had been in there feeding the live stock.

Dave and Loraine talked more about other things when a very distant sound of an explosion reached their ears. They froze looking at each other as Bill and Donna came from the barn standing to stare towards the neighbouring mountain range. This had them in utter silence until Loraine spotted a gray coloured toad hopping through the grass and laughed as she pointed it out to Dave

“Look Dave, oh my God I have not seen a frog or toad up close since the quake. Get it Dave catch it I want to hold it and see him up close”.

What happened next was weird because as Dave got to his feet and walked over to it the creature turned its head to the ground and instantly shot into the depths of the earth to be seen no more.


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