The Big One……………………….Chapter 25

Dave Rippley had seen much these past few weeks from finding this mountain Valley farm deserted and spending a short time alone to the place being full now that the chopper had arrived carrying three young ladies plus their dead friend with a male scientist. The three ladies were wonderful but this Fred Casper seemed very withdrawn and secretive. Dave had hit it off very well with the young 23 year old Loraine Michaud and following the mishap in the woods where their young friend Kevin Cross had been rendered unconscious, Amber Gershwin who seemed to have eyes for Kevin agreed to stay and watch him. This left Dave and his female companion with time on their hands and so following some farm chores they set out into the surrounding mountains to explore. The mountain trails that had existed before the quake were still for the most part intact but it was evident that some places that had been mountains were no more. It was awesome to witness first hand how a massive disaster could literally change the landscape of the planet. It toke them the better part of an hour to find their way out of the valley and stand upon the closest peak looking into the next mountain range. The next valley was deep and green with a large river running through its bottom like a thick blue ribbon. The higher mountain on the other side was wide and massive and one could see where the quake had toppled some trees and slightly displaced some high meadow grass but other than that the mountain remained intact. The next hour and a half was spent heading into the next valley towards the river and noon time was nearing as they finally got to take a drink and fill their canteens from that clear cool stream. The sun danced off of the big mountain and birds swooped here and there making one forget the troubles of the recent past few weeks. The world had changed forever and a new day had dawned in this seemingly restructured universe. They opened their lunch and sat on a blanket wondering if they should try climbing the massive mountain or head back to the farm and attempt it another day. They were half way through their meal when they both froze at the sound of a distant hum coming from the sky. Dave pointed a few seconds later and said in disbelief …..drone?………A DRONE!!!!

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