The Big One……………….Chapter 21

                                                                           Dave Rippley now had two friends in Bill Langley and Kevin Cross and they spent the next two days exploring and getting to know one another. The three knew a thing or two about animals and so they shared the chores. Dave had a feeling though that there were things about farming that none of them knew and he silently hoped that someone would soon come along that could do some teaching and explaining. There was four bedrooms in the house with a fifth one that could be made into an extra place to sleep on the ground floor. Bathrooms were in abundance with a shower, toilet and sink on the main floor and a full bathroom upstairs.   The well was drilled and had great water pressure and of course with   the large wind and solar power station in the woods there was never a lack of electricity. Gas no longer shot into the air and there was birds in the trees once again but not in any great abundance. The only thing that shot into the air anymore was the water geyser at the other end of the vast green meadow they now lived in. Not long after supper that evening the three men toke a walk over to the area and pool of warm water surrounding where the geyser came out and then over to the waters edge where Dave’s make shift boat still sat. The other two men were amazed at the handy work of Dave and told him so. All of these things seemed like a dream to Dave and the new developments with his two new friends showing up were turning into a big plus for him. The three headed back towards the house and barn with the evening sun now lowering and shining on one side of the house. The animals must be put away for the night and that would mean rousing them from their grazing. The three were so involved in conversation that they never saw or heard the helicopter until it plopped down right in the middle of the animals scattering them in panicked fury to the four winds. The first thing that the men noticed squinting through the blast of wind from the propeller was a bag that detached from the bottom and thumped to the ground.                                                       


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