The Big One……………….Chapter 19

                                                                              The flight was one of vigilance for Bill but young Kevin Cross was fast asleep, deep in a dream world about the happenings of the past couple of days. In these dreams he ran across the hill side overlooking the pacific ocean dodging large cracks in the ground that constantly tried to swallow him up. Just when he would think he may be safe a huge gush of water would blast from the earth shooting him off into the middle of no where and he could hear the voices of his parents and see his mothers face. He would then be sitting at the kitchen table as a boy watching his mother pull pans of fresh baked goods from the oven. Oh the smell of that wonderful corn bread or those chocolate chip muffins with gobs of liquid banana in them. Suddenly his mother dropped a tray on the table and the whole room gave a lurching shudder. Kevin awoke to Bill shouting

                                       ” We are stuck in the trees, we are stuck in the trees”.

                                                                        Looking around and rubbing his eyes Kevin could feel the sway of the high trees that they were stuck in the top of. There was suddenly a distant shout of a mans voice saying hello from somewhere below and Bill shouted back.

                                                                      “I will go and see if I can find a ladder, said the mans voice. Just try to sit tight for now”.

                                                                      It seemed like an eternity until they could hear a sound of scrapping against a nearby tree as someone put a ladder in place and then the face of a young man appeared.

                                                                  ” Hello there my name is Dave Rippley, got yourselves in a bit of a fix I see”.

                                                                Bill spoke back with his laid back humour, ” story of my life I am afraid. Bill is the name and this here is Kevin”.

                                                                 The men all nodded their formalities and then set about trying to get the two men to safety. This proved to be dangerous because the plane was very unstable in it’s current position and one wrong move could plummet everyone to the ground. Moving Kevin to the middle of the plane to maintain balance, Bill managed to take hold of a rope fastened to a tree and swing to the ladder. Kevin was weak and somewhat unstable but he managed to do the same. Once on the ground Kevin suddenly realised that this was the first stable ground he had set foot on in a while and he sat there trembling. Bill and Dave seemed to silently understand and they simply stood on either side of him with a hand on each shoulder. Some times simple silent understanding is the best thing we can give one another.


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