The Big One………………Chapter 18

                                                                                 Abe Yoder grew accustomed to his journey very quickly but he really had no choice. He moved through what used to be Pennsylvania and was into Ohio within a couple of days. He knew he had done so because he passed an old welcome to Ohio sign as he traveled a short distance on what used to be a highway. Detouring was part of this journey and he found it very distasteful but necessary and the horse seemed to handle all of this very well. Abe’s grandfather had often said that a good man could handle most any hardship with a good horse under him and this young man was finding this saying to be true. Gas was still shooting up in the air at times but it seemed that it happened less often. Ohio was much more flooded than Pennsylvania but Indiana was a different situation all together. Abe and his horse had not gone three miles into the state when a huge crater loomed in front of them requiring the two to travel around it due to the fact that it was so deep one could not see the bottom. A couple more miles found another crater and then another. When riding through the other states Abe often saw belongings and other objects strewn about but Indiana seemed to have nothing left of it but craters. Abe was almost overjoyed to enter Illinois and things seemed much different right away with green grass and some trees in places. He found a highway presently and followed it westward and stopped for the night near a truck stop. He rarely approached buildings due to possible danger or mishaps. He was awake before first light and had a quick bite to eat from his supplies and after giving his horse a drink from a nearby stream and some grain was off once more. They had not gone far when it seemed they were approaching a city of some sort and there appeared to be abandoned vehicles and bodies strewn about. There was flooded areas and broken up ground as usual but Abe did notice that off to one side there was a tourist place. A closer look revealed a nice carriage with a horse that lay dead still in the traces, probably killed by gas or something. Abe then froze as he noticed something moving on the other side of the carriage and his horse raised its head giving a snort.


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