The Big One………………..Chapter 17

                                                            Dave Ripley felt he had hit the mother lode upon entering the cabin that seemed small from a distance but turned out to be a two story affair with a large dirt floor basement. The basement was packed with all manner of supplies and had a lantern that hung on a nail at the top step so that one could see their way going down the stairs. Upon entering the basement area there was a number of lights that could be lit for the whole area. Behind the cabin there was a lovely barn with a large coral and plenty of hay and grain. There was a lush green pasture and plenty of seed storage for crops. There was plumbing in the house and a large drilled well outside. The whole place ran on wind turbine and solar panels with a good sized storage and distribution facility situated back in the trees. One look in the barn told Dave that an Amish family had built and lived in this place. There was five horse stalls in the barn and only four of them had horses in them. There was a place to store two carriages but only one remained. This family had probably departed before the disaster but had not made it back. Dave thought now about his family that had been in Denver when it had all happened and the sad likelihood that they were no longer alive. A noise out back of the barn brought him to attention and walking out back he saw another coral with sheep and goats in it. Many of them had young and there was a pump system set up so that water flowed into a trough on demand. The hay and feed manger was long empty and so Dave filled that for them and they made a racket clamouring for the food but he made sure there was more than enough to go around. The next few days when not tending the livestock Dave was out looking around. The large sulphur water pool that shot into the air on a daily basis had just finished it’s course this fine afternoon when it was replaced by a sputtering sound from above and a shadow passed over Dave as he turned looking up just in time to see an off white twin engine plane swoop low and crash into the trees beyond.


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