The Big One…………….Chapter 16

                                                                        Kevin Cross actually sank in the water about six feet and looking up in horror and shock could see that the large object responsible for him being in the water by landing beside his raft was not sinking but floating. He swam back to the surface, pulled himself back onto his raft and rolled over on his back peering at a mid sized twin engine water plane. It was off white coloured with two ski like things on either side. The driver side door was open and a man who appeared to be in his fifties was sitting there toying with what appeared to be a radio. He seemed to know Kevin was there and spoke slowly to him as he kept his eyes on the radio.

                                          “Hey there, we seem to be in the middle of some pretty bad stuff hu”?

                                          Kevin could not believe how relaxed the man was giving what had just happened and could only manage to blurt out “what the hell man, you almost killed me”.

                                            The pilot gave a sigh setting down the radio and turned to Kevin extending his hand. ” Bill Langley is the name, I ran out of fuel and had to crash land. I did however spy a boat over yonder, we should see if it has any aviation fuel because a lot of those models do run on plane fuel, worth a try anyway”.

                                            The weight of Kevin’s ordeal seemed to be crashing down on him now along with the dehydration and the good natured pilot understood. Reaching into his side compartment he grabbed a water bottle and handed it to Kevin who gulped it down so fast he almost made himself sick. Bill toke Kevin’s hand to steady him and helped him into the plane.

                                            ” Tell you what, we should try to get over towards where I saw that boat and see what we can get”.

                                           Cranking the engine gave a bit of life but only enough for a rough idle and they were able to get over to the boat where Bill climbed aboard leaving Kevin to rest and nap. There was a small fridge with food and water in it. There was also a few beers and some frozen fish. The main find was when Bill opened a storage compartment and found three containers of fuel and a shot gun and two handguns with ammunition for both. Bill quickly filled the planes tank and let Kevin sleep a couple more hours.

                                              When Kevin awoke Bill was fiddling with the radio again and turned looking at him thoughtfully. ” Look young fellow I know we have all been through a lot here lately but there is nothing left of good old California and there is only one place I can think may be safe. My aunt and uncle in Colorado have a nice spread in the mountains with a landing strip nearby, what say we try our luck there that is if I can get this beast off the water”?

                                                Kevin simply starred at him and then simply nodded his head, had a bit to eat and was asleep before the plane was back in the air.


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