The Big One…………..Chapter 15

                                                                       The horse was behind some upheaved ground eating at some blades of grass and Abe Yoder recognized him right away as a young year and a half old stallion that Anna Colbenze a few farms down had owned. Anna’s father had wanted the horse gelded but she convinced him to keep the horse for breeding. The horse was a handsome long legged American Standard breed with a dark brown coat and two white socks on the front hooves. Anna had ridden this horse and although Abe had not done so himself, he had on occasion patted the horse while visiting the farm. The horse raised it’s head and gave a snort upon Abe’s approach but seemed to recognize the amish youngster and settled back down to chomping on the bits of grass he could find. Abe knew what he would do and early at first light managed to gentle the horse named Ziggy and ride back towards the area where his farm had once stood. There was much detouring to be done due to broken and flooded ground coupled with gas that still belched up into the air here and there. The Colbenze farm was the first one that they reached with the old farm house gone except for a small portion of the backside that was still somewhat intact. The barn on the other hand being a large four branch dairy operation was in amazing shape considering what had happened in the last couple of days but Abe knew he must be careful all the same. He managed to find a good saddle and feed sacks in the barn and the backside of the house turned out to be the kitchen and so he was able to pack a good amount of food. He then mounted the horse and headed towards the three Yoder farms but had not gone far when upon a rise he was able to see that there was no way that he would ever get close because that entire area was one huge crater from which smoke still billowed. Abe’s heart broke anew once again as he sat his mount weeping his shoulders heaving with endless sobs. This went on for close to an hour and when he was done he felt drained and so he lay down in the shadow of a large old tree stump and slept. As he slept he dreamed of a visit he had made to his uncle and aunts in the mountains of Colorado, a wonderful green valley with their cabin at one end. Before he awoke he knew where he would go and and when he did awake before noon he set out on his journey.


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