The Big One…………….Chapter 14

                                                                                        Finding the tent and camping supplies was a life saver for Dave Ripley and he knew he could survive on this for a while. He also knew however that at some point in time he would have to find a place to live that would sustain him for the long term. This is where his survival training would really be put to the test. He found a big old log that he spent the next few days hollowing out so that he could use it as a canoe or raft of sorts. There was plenty of branches and tree limbs on his little island and so making some good oars was not a problem.  The tent and camping supplies were easy to pack into the canoe that hollowed out well and offered a good amount of space. Just under a week after the quake Dave set out from his little island, a little better off and in search of a sustainable life for himself. There was really no planned course for his travels and so he paddled through waters both deep and shallow. There was a few times that he had to drag or carry his canoe due to large amounts of debris that hindered his passing. He finally neared a place where he could see what looked like a large wall that Dave knew before the quake was a mountain. After managing to get around a few rocks he passed by the wall and entered what was now a lovely green valley. This area seemed to be mostly untouched by the quake and he could see an old cabin near the other side. The water did not go up to the cabin and so Dave pulled his canoe well up on shore and began a half mile walk towards the building. He was not even fifty yards on his way when he noticed steam rising from a crack in the ground with a little pool of water around it. This did not bother him and so he had just started to skirt around it when a huge explosion of water blasted straight up in the air raining down all around leaving a smell of sulphur. It appeared that this valley was not only lavish and green with a cabin but it also had a sulphur hot spring bath in it as well.

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