The Big One………..Chapter 13

                                                         Kevin Cross awoke to his head throbbing and a feeling of floating. One look around told him that he actually was on a raft of sorts that was tilted to one side and was gradually filling with dirty water. The next one of his senses to come alive was his smell and it hit him like a fifty pound jack hammer and nearly made him heave. The smell of rotting flesh, dirt mixed with water and the smell of some sort of gas that still spewed up  here and there from the muck and water. The sun was just about gone but it had pounded down on him for a couple of hours. The earth had finally stopped shaking but California as far as he could see was no more. All one could see was salt water and things floating in it and other than that there was complete silence. Kevin did not need to be told that his family and friends were dead and thought of this brought a swelling to his parched throat and tears came to his eyes. His tongue felt large and dry from the dehydration he was now suffering from. Moving now to the middle of the raft he was able to stand up to get an even better look around but saw nothing that would give the poor youngster any hope. Just as he strained one more time for a final tip toed look a large shadow and swishing noise passed over him and something large crashed into the water beside the raft knocking him into the water, scaring the living daylights out of him and almost causing him to crap his pants.

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