The Big One Chapter 12

                                                                        Abe Yoder paddled down the small yet rushing river for what seemed to be forever and when he was not paddling he would put the oar over himself and sleep. The young man was very physically and emotionally drained to say the least and so when he did sleep it was deeply and for extended periods of time. The Amish youngster had never felt so alone and the severity of his situation was felt more simply because he knew that all of his family and friends were most likely dead. Abe had never known a life outside of this group that referred to themselves as the quiet people of the land, and now here he was floating down a river alone and headed literally to nowhere and a destiny unknown.

                                           ” Why God?”, he shouted suddenly through chocked emotion.

                                           “Why have you done such a thing to me, how could you let such things happen to your people”?

                                                                   He then thought on the teachings about the old testament prophet Elijah who asked God to kill him when the Queen was pursuing him to have him killed. God had reminded him that even though he thought he was alone that there were thousands of Gods people left in that land. Abe wondered if there was even one other person left in the entire world.

                                                                 The smaller river soon reached a point where it met a larger one that moved and surged swelling with all kind of debris and so he held up at the fork and upon finding what seemed to be solid and safe ground he hesitantly came ashore. The earth had ceased its shaking some hours ago but gas still shot into the air here and there making Abe remain somewhat uneasy. The sun was setting and he had no idea how long he had been on the river but his aching backside seemed to tell the story. He managed to gather dried leaves and wood for a fire and had just got it going when he heard the horse blow and stomp.

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