Untold Stories……………Chapter 10

                                        It seems we have reached a part in the untold story where I must make a decision on weather I will continue this rather interesting story or simply start yet another one and do my best to captivate your mind with a new creation.

                                          So let us take a look at the three groups of interest in our current adventure and see where we are situated. Dave Ripley is in a lake in the Colorado mountains swimming for his life with his five tour group members dead. His girlfriend can be assumed dead but one can never be sure.

                                           Abe Yoder is up the river , literally with both a paddle and a canoe hoping to find a place to survive. His family and friends are dead including his poor sweet sister Greta who was the only one with presence of mind to follow him and be spared for the moment but alas her survival was not to be.

                                             We left Kevin Cross sprinting across a hill top over looking the Pacific Ocean with his friend Joel and his girlfriend Tiffany dead. One must remember that this portion of the story ended from above with a pilot witnessing California breaking off from the continent and falling into the ocean, killing presumably some forty million people in one motion. With this in mind we must assume that there is not much hope for our good friend Kevin but take heart my friends, this is a fiction story.

                                             This brings us to the point of my summation of the story so far, I need your input. Before I carry on or start a new story I would like you to know that there are a number of directions I could take this adventure or I could simply bring it to a close. I will let you folks decide and I will give you a week. Please message me with what you would like to see. If I hear from no one I will simply start another story in a weeks time and carry on. If you would like me to continue this story of world destruction into the great unknown then I shall do so………..The choice is yours good reader……….Good Day.


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