The Big One…………Chapter 9

                                      Kevin and his two friends had not gone far up the road away from the ocean when they crested a hill. From the top of the hill they could see the road ahead for miles but that was when all traffic ground to a halt because a huge quake rent the earth and the entire country ahead disappeared in a cloud of smoke. Kevin being the ever quick thinker that he was pulled into a small picnic area to collect his wits. The earth was shaking continuously now and nothing could be seen either of the road or country ahead. The picnic area was on top of the hill so they were able to look back over the country behind including the ocean. To their surprise except for a few puffs of smoke and gas they could see the land including the ocean. Kevin felt powerless there was simply nothing that could come to mind that would make him feel better. To the three youngsters horror as they looked out over the ocean a transformation occurred that sent rivets of shock through their very beings. The ocean suddenly resembled a huge bath tub in which someone had pulled the plug in the middle and the water swirled in circles as it seemed to drain. The quaking intensified now and smoked now obscured the vision  between them and the ocean. Suddenly a shout from behind brought Kevin out of his shock and turning he saw his friend Joel bent over the lifeless body of his girlfriend Tiffany wailing in sorrow. It seemed a crack had opened underneath her and shot a molten gas type substance all over her to the point that Joel could hardly touch her let alone recognize his lover. Looking away Kevin wiped the sweat from his face and tried hard to focus and think of what to do when suddenly a horrid shriek brought his attention back to his friends. The crack under Tiffany had expanded suddenly swallowing both Joel and her. Kevin stumbled backwards in terror from the expanding crack and an urge for action seized him suddenly sending him sprinting and dodging off across the top of the hill running for dear life.

                                         Bill Langley was coming to the end of his afternoon flight as he soared thousands of feet above the earth in his twin engine plane. He had just crossed from Nevada into California and was due to land well within a couple of hours. His first clue of problems on the ground was many puffs of smoke rising from of the ground that seemed to increase. Bill was born in Nevada but had grown up in good old California and so he knew the signs of earth quakes all too well. After trying to radio the tower three times and getting no response he became even more watchful and was able to witness ultimate history as California seemed to split away from the rest of the continent before his eyes and drop in one motion into the pacific. The smoke and dust shooting upwards was far too thick to see the ground afterwards and so he was spared the site of the rest of the ground for miles beyond California breaking up like pieces of a puzzle.


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