The Big One…………….Chapter 7

                                         Dave Ripley never thought when he awoke that morning in his Denver apartment, had breakfast and kissed his girlfriend goodbye that he would never see her again. Neither did he realize that there was but a few hours left for the vast majority of the population of planet earth. Alas for everything there is both a start and a beginning, but these things were far from his mind now a he sent the three remaining people in his group scrambling in panic back towards the caves mouth and he turned towards the downward passage in an attempt to find the two sisters. He had not gone far as the earth shook around him continuously when the ceiling of the cave in front of him gave way burying the passage for good. Dave knew that those two young girls were doomed and so he turned running back towards the caves mouth followed by a cloud of smoke and gas. The roof of the cave network caved in behind him as he ran making his run a fevered dash. Finally managing to reach the large cave mouth beneath the towering mountain peak Dave looked down on his three remaining group members running down the mountain and to his horror, the ground split open behind them sending red lava spewing on top of them. It was so sudden that they never knew what hit them, just instant incineration. Standing now outside the mouth of the large cave network, things seemed to move in slow motion for Dave as the three disappeared under the lava a large roar came from over his head. Looking up was like a horror movie as Dave saw the massive towering peak of the mountain collapse and come plummeting straight towards him. Dave’s reaction was his only choice as he dove over the nearest ledge falling over seventy feet into the lake below. The water was fairly warm giving the current situation, and he felt the downward pull as tons of rock and earth landed around him. Suddenly seized by an instant feeling of purpose he dove to about thirty feet and swam with all his young athletic speed and ability towards an open space and uncertain future……..but still…….he swam.


One thought on “The Big One…………….Chapter 7

  1. Oh this is awsome writing. My brother asked me about your link tonight. He wanted to read all chapters since he was missing some. Great story and I am anxious to read the other chapters.

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