The Big One……………..Chapter 6

                                    Playing around on the beach with evening now upon them was great for these three youngsters, they didn’t even notice the time pass. They did not even notice the birds in the area were remaining in the air flying in weird patterns. Tiffany finally finished the sand castle she was constructing and headed back towards the water casting her towel aside. Joel was enjoying the early evening rays with his cap tipped halfway over his face. Kevin was playing with his smart phone wondering why reception kept coming and going in such a strange fashion, the beach was getting less congested now as people headed home.

                                         Suddenly just as Tiffany got back in the water the ground gave a large heave sending dust into the air a groan coming from beneath the ground and lifting people in the water up on a wave and setting them down on wet sand as the water rushed outward. Tiffany sat there in shock as did everyone else both in the water and on the beach. All everyone could do was watch a wall of water rush out to sea leaving folks who were just in the water a second ago sitting on wet sand. Kevin and Joel finally came to their senses and ran over to Tiffany who still sat there in shock while all around them people began to rush here and there grabbing up belongings and calling to one another in worried voices.

                                  Kevin and Joel simply grabbed Tiffany who still sat there shocked and headed for the jeep catching up their other belongings in haste. Tossing everything in they squealed off down the road headed away from the beach. They were young post secondary aged kids who knew very well about disaster situations such as tsunamis that often followed earth quakes and so all though they never spoke of this, it was on all their minds as they joined a large group of vehicles racing along the road. It was then that Kevin noticed how the birds flew in a weird fashion over head.


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