The Big One……………Chapter 4

                      Dave had to wait a little longer than he thought he would have to because the three women and two men in his group were close to an hour late. Being the good natured fellow that he was, it did not bother him when they finally arrived and joked about being late. Dave simply shock his head in understanding at their joke with a smile. Janice was an outgoing feminist and school teacher from Omaha Nebraska and she had brought her sister Amanda with her who had brought her tom boy friend Tonya. Tonya had brought two of her baseball buddies Reggie and Arnold, both of these two gents seemed to be silent types. All of the talking was mostly done by the outgoing, seemingly type A personality Janice. The entire conversation on the one hour walk to the large cave mouth half way to the summit was dominated by her. Dave was silently grateful that his girlfriend was not there today because he knew that she would not be the type to suffer such a person for long. Even he being the easy going fellow that he was found himself growing weary of Janice as they entered the mouth of the vast cave network below the towering mountain peak. Dave gave specific instructions to stay with him but he was ignored as Janice did not stop her chatter throughout his brief talk. Heading into the cave with his flashlight now in hand Dave made a couple of attempts to explain things but was no match for the thundering voice of Janice who seemed to know everything. Every person in the group was athletic except the loud mouthed Janice who’s talk turned to complaining when they began the steep climbs and descents that this trek demanded of a person. Dave’s patience was really growing thin when the group paused in a large open area to rest. Turning to answer a question that Tonya had asked Dave did not see that the two sisters Janice and Amanda had ignored his instructions to stop and had simply went on without the group. Realizing suddenly what had happened Dave shouted for them to return to the group but as he did the entire cave gave a rending heave as a howling type groan belched from the bowels of the earth and distant tortured screams came up from the descending tunnel that the girls had gone down.


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