The Big One…….Chapter 3

                                    Kevin Cross lived just outside Los Angeles California otherwise known as the American west coast. This tall, young twenty three year old had one passion alone and that was riding the waves on his surf board. It did not matter who was with him or even if he was alone, when the surf was up Kevin was out there on his board. On this particular day Kevin had just come out of the basement apartment of his parents sprawling suburban home that he was still promising to some day pay rent for. He got a text message as he got in his black jeep, it was his buddy Joel Ramirez asking Kevin to pick his girlfriend Tiffany and himself up on his way to the beach. Kevin did not mind these two, Joel was a fairly good surfer. Tiffany on the other  hand tried her best but was always good for a laugh. Pulling up to Joel and Tiffany’s apartment he saw that they were already waiting there. Joel hopped in the front and Tiffany in the back after strapping their two boards up top with Kevin’s.

                                 “Ready for another day in the surf”, ask Kevin?  ” You bet”, replied Joel as the they took off towards the beach.

                                   There are those who get to the beach when they can and others who live there, on this day it was packed with both. It did not take the three youngsters long to get into the water and ride the crest of the waves. The day was warm and the waves fairly high and this made for good surfing. A couple of hours went past and the three got hungry and so they sat on the beach to eat the lunch Tiffany had packed. They were fairly tired and so not much conversation passed between them, but they did however decide to stay into the evening and have supper on the beach. As the three of them finished lunch and headed back to the water with their boards the sandy ground beneath their feet seemed to heave up then down and a horrible groan came from beneath the earth.

                                “My god”, exclaimed Tiffany but one look  around told them that many on the crowded beach had not even noticed.

This was California and quakes on such a small scale were common place. So it was back in the water for more swimming and fun…….for now.


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