The Big One Chapter 2

Greta Yoder was your normal run of the mill beautiful blonde haired and blue eyed Amish girl. Her hair went way past her waist when she let it down. Her group was considered the second largest order of the Amish. The Weaver Amish were strict when it came to rules and enforcement especially when a member was being shunned. This thought was heavy on her mind this fine late June morning in Lancaster county Pennsylvania as she and her brother Abe went down the lovely country road to visit friends at the counties edge. The dark American standard breed horse named Waffle who pulled their buggy moved along swiftly oblivious to the troubled thoughts of concern churning in the mind of young Greta.

“We will be shunned if anyone catches us”, she mutter to Abe presently as if she spoke to herself.

” Oh drop it”, Abe grunted sullenly, “it’s not like we are going to shoot a church elder for God’s sake, it’s just a ball game broadcast on a hand held radio set”.

” I know I know”, said Greta.” I am just afraid of being caught that’s all”.

Abe simply shrugged, ” relax little sister, you worry too much like our mom, things will be fine”.

The buggy turned right off of the country road up a long farm drive way and came to stop near the side kitchen door of a large farm house. The door burst open presently and out bounced young eighteen year old Ada Stoulphus. She was very happy to see her friends and told them in her normally over excited way that their other two friends, her two older siblings had gone on to the old barn at the back side of the farm to wait. She then hopped into the small buggy and off they drove to the back side of the farm to meet up with Jacob and Ella.

Young Ada was sweet on twenty three year old Abe but he simply ignored her and that was that. As they pulled up to the old barn the door swung open and out came Ella and Jacob.

“Its about time”, said Jacob.” I was starting to wonder if you had chickened out or something”.

Abe ignored his verbal jab, ” you got the radio”? , he asked.

” Yup it’s in the barn”, said Jacob, “come on”.

They all headed into the barn where the wireless radio waited on a pile of hay. The pre game show for the Philadelphia Phillies against the Pittsburgh Pirates instantly had the attention of the two young men . The three young ladies had other things that held their interest with plenty to talk about and so they wandered outside to chat.

The air was warmer now and the barn sat on a bit of a hill so that one could see for miles the entire quarter section of this farm and other surrounding farms as well. The young ladies continued their chatting for the next couple of hours with the two young men still glued to the radio in the barn. Just after they had finished their lunch young Greta stood to her feet throwing her hands in the air uttering a loud and overly exaggerated yawn. At this very moment the whole hill they were on seemed to give a heave and at the same time a sickening groan came from beneath the ground. The three girls stood there, Greta with her hands still above her head and no one said a word.

The two young men burst from the barn, “what the hell” , bellowed Abe. ” What was that” , shouted Jacob?

” We are not sure” , said Ella while Greta still stood there hands over her head. ” It seems to be one of those earth tremors Grandpa spoke about”, said Ada.

With the passing of a few more minutes shock gave way to calm and the girls settled down to slowly relax and progress hesitantly back to normal. Abe and Jacob headed back into the barn to resume their interest in the ball game. All was peaceful……..once more……….for the present time!


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