The Big One………..Chapter 1

It was a day like any other for Dave Rippley in this wonderful mountain range of Colorado. The mountain tour guide was young and tall with dirty blonde hair. His slender build made it easy for him to move quickly through mountain passes and caves making him the ideal person to have as your hiking mentor. His girlfriend  Martine of similar build and height  accompanied him at times but today she had chosen to stay home in the comfort of their condo on the outskirts of Denver. The mid morning sun shone down on the mountain side and valley below with the air crisp but a tad thinner at this height. Birds swooped down and sang here and there making this late June walk about bring new life to every fibre of the twenty six year olds being. As always before he would take a group exploring caves or just hiking the wonderful outdoors of these mountain side trails, Dave would walk alone planning what he would do that day in order to make the trip enjoyable for his group. Six or seven was normally the largest number of people in his group but today he would only take five. They had asked him to show them a vast network of caves on the mountain he was now on about halfway between the base and summit. It looked so majestic as one peered up just before entering the large mouth of the first cave, where towering over head was the massive mountain top that narrowed near the top making it more tower like. Without another glance Dave headed into the cave with his rechargeable flashlight in hand. The route he had chosen for todays tour was an interesting one that included travel through darkness with descents, climbs and even areas where there was no ceiling and the light of day would shine down on them. Descending now into the final downward slope before completing his pre tour trek his light danced off the walls detecting a batt hanging here and there harmless as they are. Suddenly the whole passage way seemed to heave slightly upwards and down again culminating in the most terrible groan coming from the bowels of the earth. His initial response was one of shock but being raised most of his life in this mountain range Dave knew that this was just what they called a minor earth tremor that happened from time to time. Upon completing his pre tour trek he then hurried to the foot of the mountain to meet his group.


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